to be lonely. La febbre.

To be lonely. La febbre. contare solo su noi stessi sulle nostre forze e sulle nostre capacità. Ci spinge a essere forti. Forti, non solo dal punto di vista emotivo morale e mentale, ma anche fisico! Decidere autonomamente di mettersi in questa condizione vuol dire essere guidati da un pensiero folle e apparentemente privo di…Read more to be lonely. La febbre.


THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU DON'T LIKE YOURSELF ENOUGH!   What I think about having extra pounds or people that can only complain? Find out more 🙂 Today I'm going to say my opinion about being chubby! Haha! My latest swimsuit season … I'm not brave enough to share it permanently, so they're visible only…Read more THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU DON’T LIKE YOURSELF ENOUGH!

Silent Kill Desire

I love these three words because they perfectly synthesize what I am. Silent I'm a quiet person. I don't like to chat just to denigrate, offend or insult. I hate to gossip and I prefer to stay apart in a corner to observe what happens. I prefer to observe, study, reason, and plan.   Kill…Read more Silent Kill Desire